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Online Banking
Corporate Banking

Deposit Account

You may open a demand deposit account in order to conduct your business transactions and you may meet the liquidity needs/payments of your business through that account.

Money Transfers

Branches offer the fastest and most reliable solutions for sending money to Turkey. You may transfer money from Iraq to all your accounts in Turkey on the same day and also from your accounts in Turkey to any Iraq Branch in the same way.


You may meet your firm’s need for financing through loan facilities offered by our Bank within the terms and limits determined.

Non-Cash Credits

You may use our service of guarantee letters issued by Branches to beneficiary organizations or individuals, and you may also use our letter of credit product with our wide network of correspondent banks and our experience in the field of international banking.


If you make your payments by cheque to a large extent, you may affect your payments using your cheques issued by our Arbil and Baghdad Branches.


Using our POS service, you may carry out your collections through cards with the Visa and MasterCard logo instead of cash and offer satisfactory service to your customers using credit cards or bank cards.

Remittance Charges

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